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June 6, 2019

Plenny Shake v2.1 is here

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  • Protein increase from 15 gram to 20 gram
  • More and higher diversity of fibers
  • Decreased maltodextrin content -50%.
  • Improved bioavailability of micronutrients
  • Removal of fluoride

As always, we are on a mission to make the healthiest meal scientifically possible. Based on feedback from our awesome community and the research done by our terrifyingly smart product development team (to which we have added two research analysts by the way), we have made an update to the recipe of our old favorite: Plenny Shake.


A change in the macronutrient profile: the protein per portion has been increased from 15 gram to 20 gram per portion [1]. The carbohydrate content decreases from 52 gram per portion to 44 gram per portion. So fewer carbs: any Instagram foodie health model would approve. The fibre and fat content have slightly increased. One portion of Plenny Shake v2.1 provides 400 kcal: 32% from fat, 44% from carbs and 20% from protein.


A change in micronutrients: the vitamin K in Plenny Shake has been changed to vitamin K2 Mk7 because we researched this source has the best uptake in the body. [6][7] Next to that, the content of vitamin C has been increased to 200 mg per day for the best health benefits [8][9]. More vitamin C?we’re helping our dear customers to prevent getting scurvy!

The level of vitamin B12 in Plenny Shake has been drastically increased. Because vegan forms of B12 are less bioavailable we made sure the uptake in your body is where it needs to be. The vegan form of vitamin B12 cannot be utilized by the body directly, as it must first be broken down into – bear with us – the two bioactive coenzymes. There are – bear with us – four metabolic steps necessary for this process. The necessary conversion constitutes a metabolic disadvantage, and – bear with us – on top of that, a part is excreted before it is converted. An uptake of 140 mcg cyanocobalamin provides the body with – bear with us – 2,76 mcg of cyanocobalamin [10][11][12][13][14].

We also removed fluoride from our micronutrients. The role of fluoride is to prevent carious in the teeth. Brushing teeth with a fluoride-containing toothpaste is the most effective way of preventing, which is why we removed it [2][3][4][5]. Long story short: just brush your teeth man, stop expecting us to do everything for you!

We added soy protein isolate to increase the level of protein per meal in the right way, so Plenny Shake keeps providing all 9 essential amino acids. Next to that we added inulin to increase the amount of fibers per portion and achieve a wider variety. It is extracted from chicory, which sounds likes we brutally operated on a Pok?mon but we didn’t, chicory is a plant. Lastly, we decreased the maltodextrin content with 50%.

Because we do not want to waste anything we will use up all our remaining stock. Therefore there won’t be a hard switch. The new formula will be gradually introduced flavour per flavour over the coming weeks.

Other important upgrades…

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