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2 Main things have happened with our packaging:

Packaging Changes:

We’ve been rather annoyed that our packaging all looks different. Our GlycoGenesis 5-day packs are so large (2.5kg of product) so the bags we’re using are our only options there, and our sample bags are mylar purely because oxo-biodegradable bags that size are considerably more expensive.

Now that we’ve grown as a company, we’re able to absorb the costs of changing from mylar to oxo-biodegradeable bags for our samples. There now doesn’t feel like such a disconnect between our products packaging, as well as the bonus of reducing the impact on the environment. We’ve still got a decent supply of all our old packaging, but once that is used up we’ll be using our new bags from then onwards.

We’ve always wanted to make all our packaging oxo-biodegradable, and this feels like a significant step forward.

Product Photos:

As good as product images are for a site, this has always been a low priority for us for 2 main reasons: 1) Our packaging isn’t too interesting and we just sell a rather uninteresting-looking powder; if we sold something more aesthetic such as clothing, photos would be more important. 2) While we wasn’t using…

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