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April 8, 2017

Queal: The Future of Food | Queal


?The future of food is food. That’s what Revolution’s CEO Steve Case mentioned in his article about Soylent last year. He stated that Soylent might only be the future of food for some Valleyites. I disagree with his statement. In this blog, I’ll explain why -lent products like Queal definitely fit in the future of food and what advantages it will bring you (and the environment)?by joining our movement.

About the article

Steve Case believes that the future of food will be food. Start-ups who are willing to beat the big boys with healthy alternatives are the food influencers of the future. Even though companies who are selling meal replacement powders are influencers in healthy alternatives as well, he is not a fan. His biggest concern is that Soylent discards the importance of breaking bread with family and that we don’t value human connection. In his opinion, we indeed need healthier food with a cheap(er) distribution and sourcing but he thinks this should be realized by authentic and fresh food. I do not entirely agree, let’s have a closer look at his criticism by explaining it from my point of view.

Why Queal is future proof:

First of all, Queal is a perfect nutritional option to replace any meal with. It is born from frustration that it’s not easy to buy a quick meal that’s also very healthy. We rethought how food has been made and what the purpose of food is: nutrition. We took a step back and engineered a meal that’s quick and also good for you. Queal is nutritionally complete: Made from natural, fundamental ingredients like oats, soy and corn and fortified with a custom-built vitamin- and mineral mix. Besides, Queal brings you time, energy, and freedom: It reduces the number of decisions I have to make in a day. All reasons for me to replace 2/3 of my meals during workdays.

Main aspects I like about Queal which makes it future proof? food are:

  • Queal is a meal that fits in every lifestyle.
  • Having a quick and healthy alternative improves the emotional state (also in times of stress).
  • It’s complete nutrition, every meal (powder) contains 1/3 of the nutritionally RDA,it makes you feel secure in knowing your body gets everything it needs
  • It’s in many ways a sustainable product: If you consider the packaging, preparation, production, and type of ingredients, Queal is a good choice for the conscious eater/consumer.


Queal distinguishes itself on a variety of aspects?from Soylent. Queal is suitable for every lifestyle. Between the companies, the consumer types are the most…

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