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Did you know that 35-50% of cancer deaths in the US are due to a poor diet?

Namely, not eating enough plants and greens.

Can extracts and supplements partially cover or even replace eating whole, real foods? What does the science say?

Written by Simo T. Suoheimo

I’m pretty serious about getting the right plant foods into my system daily, when not fasting or doing other experiments.

An easy way that works for me is a simple method getting proportions and variety right, with zero thinking, every time:

Simo’s Stupidly Simple 3 Handful Method

Epic name right? Complicated doesn’t get done consistently, so easier is better.This makes my food choices for fast meals at home and at lunch buffets stupidly simple.

  • for every handful of protein sources and fats, I grab 3 handfuls of plants
  • each handful needs to be a different color

As a bonus, the darker, the better.

Dark and bitter = more nutritional goodness and more useful plant compounds in each bite.

Think kale and Brussels sprouts vs in a street fight against a pale bunch of salad you can see through and a potato that tastes like water. Which gang would you bet on?

By using this, I automatically make sure I’m getting a hefty dose…

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