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Yes! I’m back and it was a blast to visit Berlin.

First off, it was my first time traveling alone and secondly, it was kind of on a whim. Most of our ambassadors live in the city and we thought it was time to swing by and check how a Berlinner.. Berlins?

I arrived on Thursday and Friday. I set myself up and prepared to discover the city. My base of operations was in Kreuzberg, in the AirBnB of the Khan family (great hosts!) and 100 bags, scoops, bottles, and flyers were ready to be handed out.

On Friday I was hosted by Jelle. Someone whom I knew through school. He showed me around the city, some great food joints, introduced me to some awesome folk and we went for to a noise performance, together with Jelle’s friend. Which, I was told, was not a DJ. It was an artist. And boy, was it. At one point the sound seemed to come from the inside out. If you’re into that type of thing, you should check it out! Afterwards we went for pizza and by then, it was 11 PM. I was beat.

That weekend, the ambassadors started to respond to our inquiry to meet up! Which was great, among others, I met up with Jack at Beatport, Noah & Sam at Seven Lanes, Samuel, young entrepreneur and Fabian,…

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