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April 6, 2019

Reintroducing the One Full Meal Pouch – 400 kcal Ambronite at your service!

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One Full Meal pouch is back bringing you 4 hours of hunger quenching real foods in each shake.

As many of you remember, we kickstarted our mission with the large 500 kcal meal pouches. People liked them and they REALLY delivered on our brand promise of quenching hunger. So much so that some of our customers were fully satisfied after enjoying just half of a 500 kcal Ambronite meal shake. However, it was just a bit too large, and a bit too pricey for some.

So, we experimented with the smaller 165 kcal packaging. Since many of you enjoy Ambronite in the morning, we thought it would work as a light meal or breakfast. That was true but people often misunderstood this smaller size as a full meal, which it wasn’t. For those who expected the small serving to be the same as the full meal, the smaller 165 kcal pouch wasn’t delivering on our promise to quench hunger for hours.

With the new One Full Meal size, we’re striking a healthy balance in size, thanks to the feedback from you all.

Now you can order and enjoy Ambronite also in the 400 kcal full meal size. A full Ambronite meal quenches your hunger and covers all your nutritional bases, so you can enjoy life more feeling satisfied, thriving and focused for four full hours.

Furthermore, we believe it’s still reasonably priced, considering the fully complete, carefully selected real food awesomeness inside each pouch. Of course, if you feel like having a smaller meal, you’re welcome to split one full meal into two.

So, ladies and gents, please meet the Ambronite Full Meal pouch, providing all nutrients and 400 kcal of energy, in the Berries flavor – available from the links below:

EU & Global
US & Canada

You can grab the Berries flavor right now, the rest of the flavors will follow next year.

PS. You can still get the 1600 kcal Ambronite Big Bags, too. The small 165 kcal pouches are discontinued.

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