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After listening to feedback from many of our customers and fans over the last weeks, we have decided to bring back Saturo 500 ml bottles.

Both form factors have their unique advantages

The 330 ml Tetra Paks, that allow for a new variety of flavours, have been a great success. Many customers asked for them and love this form factor. But we now believe there are use cases and usage patterns that are better suited to the 500 ml bottles.

Moving forward we will offer 500 ml bottles for larger meals and 330 ml Tetra Paks for many small meals throughout the day.

Our 500 ml bottles will be available soon

Since realizing that we want to offer 330 ml and 500 ml alongside each other to provide the most convenient solution, we have worked tirelessly on bringing them back.

We are happy to announce, that our first new batch of Chocolate, Coffee and Original in 500 ml will soon be ready for shipping. If you have been missing the 500 ml bottles you can now make sure you will get your share of the first production as soon as it is ready: Chocolate, Coffee and Original.

We could not do it without you

Once again, thank you for all the feedback. Your honest opinions helped us make this decision and encouraged us to clear all obstacles, to provide the best complete meal for you. Our mission continues!

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