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July 21, 2017

Saturo: A Packed Lunch in a Bottle

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I’ve looked at a number of food substitutes over the past couple of years and they’ve all had their plusses and minuses. The original idea of a food substitutes was that you could replace all the time and effort that you put into food and just eat something that was perfectly nutritionally balanced and easy. The purist version was that you could just live on the substitute rather than have to to spend time thinking about or making food. I’ve tried just having artificial food and while it’s possible nutritionally it misses a lot of the point. For me a meal replacement is just that something that I can do when I’m in a rush, or on the road and haven’t got access or time to make solid food.

Enter Saturo. Rather than sending out bags of powder that you then add to a shaker, add water and shake for five minutes Saturo is prepackaged in it’s own bottles. Each bottle is a meal in itself. There’s obvious convenience advantages to that but perhaps the biggest plus that you don’t get unstirred lumps that are almost inevitable in most other shakes. There are a couple of downsides if you want to carry a number of meals it’s a lot heavier and bulkier and there’s an undeniable environmental cost with a lot of non-reusable (but recyclable) plastic bottles created. The bottles are also well made I’ve had a single bottle in the bottom of my bag since they arrived and after three weeks it’s a little battered but hasn’t leaked.

Tastes are subjective but I’ve spent the last couple of weeks giving small sips to everyone I can find and I’ve gotten fairly consistent results…

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