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We are consistently impressed by our community; an impressive collection of free-thinkers and independent souls. The people who drink Soylent are as varied as the reasons they drink it. Soylent Originals celebrates anyone who wakes up every morning to create something new.

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Andr? Anjos, the artist behind RAC, is a music producer, dj, and performer. After finding early success remixing songs for artists like Rivers Cuomo of Weezer and Classixx, RAC set out on his own to create a sound unlike any other. He recently released his second full length album, Ego, and with that release, a national tour. We caught up with the longtime Soylent drinker at his stop here in LA.

Long hours in the studio and days on the road often leave Andr? without a good option for food. Inspired by Rob’s first blog post on the subject in 2013, Andr? has been using Soylent ever since as a way to stay in the zone while writing new music or getting ready for a show.

Nowadays, with RAC’s skyrocketing success, Soylent helps fuel him on days packed with setups, sound checks, and interviews. Much like many of us, he’s the ultimate multitasker. Be sure to check out

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