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The year has just begun, but for many, 2020 started on a rough foot.  

Puerto Rico

Over the past week, a series of earthquakes and aftershocks hit Puerto Rico, destroying homes and leaving thousands in shelters.

Homes destroyed along the coast of Puerto Rico

However, when tragedy strikes, the good in society makes itself known. We had an incredible Soylenteer who lives in Puerto Rico reach out through social media to see if we could donate Soylent to support the recovery, and we immediately said yes! We are sending cases of Soylent drinks and powders to be given away to people around the island who are still displaced from their homes. We know it is a small act, but we are honored to be a tiny part of the support for the thousands impacted by this terrible natural disaster.

Skid Row

On Saturday, January 25th, Soylent is participating in the Skid Row Carnival of Love for the second year in a row. We are donating thousands of bottles of product that will be handed out directly to residents of Skid Row.

Last year, we realized that residents of Skid Row often have a hard time finding protein-rich products because of their lack of refrigeration. Because Soylent is shelf-stable, it can be stored in their tents or outdoor…

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