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A Message from Rob Rhinehart

If you love something, set it free. Soylent and the people involved have become the loves of my life. Starting from scratch and turning my passion for a better food system into a booming business with world class products and employees has been the experience of a lifetime. And both the business and I are still quite young.

I have seen the company evolve with scale, and done my best to guide it toward my vision and support those involved. Along the way I have seen my role as CEO evolve, especially enjoying the process of delegating my responsibilities to more skilled and experienced scientists, managers, and executives. These specialists are clearly better at their roles than I would be, especially if I were handling tons of other responsibilities simultaneously, which is the exciting early stage of a startup. But that time has passed.

Soylent executive chairman Rob Rhinehart

After much deliberation I have decided to pass the reins to a new CEO with more management and industry experience. Effective immediately, I will support Soylent as Executive Chairman. As Founder and largest shareholder, as well, I will still do everything in my power to…

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