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Happy August! 🙂 We have even more updates for you at?Super Body Fuel:

  • Keto Fuel:?all flavors now with MCT oil!
  • Light Fuel: just’renamed to?Super Fuel.
  • Super Fiber: our MCT?fiber mix?is for sale!

The improvements that we announced in our last update have finally made their way to all the flavors of?Keto Fuel, with powdered MCT oil along with the new rice protein and better-tasting potassium. So if you’ve been waiting for the go-ahead, this is it go ahead and order! 😉 We’ve sent samples of the new Keto Fuel to everyone who complained about the taste of the old version, and the response has been unanimous:?it’s way better!?I’m excited to hear how you like it please let us know once you’ve tried it. 🙂

Also, now that Light Fuel has completely switched over to the new version?as well, I’ve decided to take’this?opportunity to rename it to?Super Fuel!?:D?After hearing from a number of?customers who passed over Light Fuel? because the name was unappealing, I consulted with many long-time customers, who all agreed that it would make a lot more sense to call it Super Fuel? instead. If?Keto Fuel is for losing weight and Athlete Fuel is for building muscle, Super Fuel is really meant to be our healthy, maintenance option, and now its name finally reflects this. 🙂 So take a look if that’s something that interests you it’s my favorite, and I think you might like it too.

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