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Welcome to another episode of Superhero Podcast!

I’m Simo Suoheimo. In my podcast, I talk to world class’top performers, experts and influencers and distill their secrets, tactics, tools and strategies for you to use, so you can kick more ass, crush your goals, and become unstoppable.

In this thrilling episode, I talk to Zsombor Deak, a professional long distance triathlete who has taken the world of triathlon by storm. The race that changed everything was the 70.3 Ironman Taiwan 2013 where he finished 4th, launching him to international fame.

Zsombor is a multiple top 5 World Cup finisher and multiple National Champion. Zsombor Deak is originally from Transylvania Romania and started his professional career in 2013 after moving to Australia.

In this episode we talk about all the aspects of Zsombor’s training strategies, including training, rest, schedules, equipment and food – Zsombor is known to follow a vegetarian diet and considers food and nutrition as a critical factor in athletic performance and success.

Our discussion is full of actionable tips, inspiration and practical tools and strategies for anyone who wants to improve as an endurance athlete,…

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