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June 18, 2017

The bar is here – Jake


And it’s exactly what you’re used to from Jake: Easy, healthy and sustainable food that contains everything your body needs. But in a new form, lighter, chewier and easier to bring.

The Vitaminbar is a 330-calorie inbetweener that you can use as a 4pm snack or as a light breakfast. It provides 1/6th of your energetic needs and 25% of every vitamin and mineral.

The bar is plant-based, soy-free, nut-free, lactose-free and, of course, vegan.

Light breakfast or 4pm snack

The Vitaminbar is a logical step towards our goal to make it easier to eat healthy and sustainable. The bar is conceptually the same as the shakes: food that provides every nutrient your body needs. But way easier to use, as it brings the ‘shake + shaker + water – combination down to just a bar.

That makes the Vitaminbar a great snack or light meal. To bring along or to leave at places like your car or your desk at work (it doesn’t need to be refrigerated).

Less calories, more vitamins

With the Vitaminbar, you’re holding the most nutrient dense food yet. The Vitaminbar Banana & Cinnamon is a plant-based bar with 19 grammes of protein, 25% of every vitamin and mineral and it packs less sugar than an actual banana: 12 grammes per bar.

The Vitaminbar provides 1/6th of your energetic needs and 1/4th of your daily vitamins and minerals. The slightly higher amount of vitamins and minerals is meant to make the Vitaminbar complement your regular diet better, so it’ll fit optimally into your day.

The bar is intended as a light meal or snack: an addition to your regular diet and a suitable addition to the shakes. However, we have made sure that you can eat as many bars as you like and still stay within every safe vitamin and mineral boundary.

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