May 20, 2020

The ManaPowder Family Pack – 140 meals, 56,000 kcal

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Those of you who know Mana know that we are always working hard to improve our products and services. This means regularly updating our recipes in accordance with the latest findings in science, as well as reacting to the needs of our customers as they arise.

Due to the current global situation, we have been experiencing an exceptionally high volume of orders, sometimes for months’ worth of food at a time. This signaled to us that our customers might appreciate a bulk package of Mana. So, in order to keep up with increased demand, we made one! And the response was so positive in Europe that we decided to bring it to the U.S., as well as make it a regular item in our product line. The ManaPowder™ Family Pack is a bulk package that contains the equivalent of 4 boxes of Mark 6 Origin Powder; in other words, a week-long supply of food for a family of 4, or a month-long supply of food for 1 adult. This is the largest package of complete-nutrition food powder ever to go on sale, and it saves significantly on waste.

As a producer of non-perishable food, we saw introducing the Family Pack as our duty. But doing it quickly enough to meet the demand required us to shorten our…

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