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In this series we’re taking the time to discover why some of our fans, ambassadors and friends chose to the vegan lifestyle. In this edition I am talking to Mendel bij de Leij, born in Heerenveen, in 1988. He currently lives in Beetsterszwaag. He’s a guitarist, musician, music teacher, producer, and whenever the sun sets and the skies turn dark; Mendel transforms to one of the members of the death-metal band: Aborted. One of the biggest bands within this genre within the EU. When asked if this was something he said because of his pride, he responded with:?It is a fact, it is not fake-news. Can’t change anything about that *wink*? And he lives the vegan lifestyle!

This kind of summarizes who this guy is. Factual, passionate and a little crazy. We’ve been friends for over 14 years and I’ve seen him go from young, chill guitar player, who was always late to chill, mature guitar player. Who is still always late. But whenever he is, he’s cool and awesome to be around. He had just returned from 70.000 TONS OF METAL, a metal cruise in the Bahamas and I asked him about his life. Because Mendel has been vegetarian/vegan since 2016. Since I am not, I decided to ask him about his choices and lifestyles.

When asked how and why Mendel decided to go vegan he replied with: Let me walk you through the process of becoming vegan, then? Is that alright with you

Sure, take it away!

?Yeah, because chances are it will clarify it for me as well, see? Alright! In 2012 I joined my current band, Aborted. Ken, the Drummer had just begun his vegan lifestyle. At the same time I was doing an internship with the composer, Arnold Veeman. I wanted to learn more about composing. It just so happened he is a vegetarian. A good friend of mine, Mathilda, was also vegetarian. While surrounding myself with these fine people, I started questioning myself: Why do I eat meat I came to the following answers for myself: It is because of culture, habit, and taste….

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