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What completes a movie better than food? A complete food movie, of course. We picked the finest complete food references in movies for your ultimate pleasure.

So sit back and enjoy!

1. A Space Odyssey (1968):

Yeah, yeah, we know, the movie begins with primates chasing a leopard. But the future is near! A few minutes later they are sipping complete food on (hell yeah) Jupiter. All nutrients in a liquified airplane meal. Drinking from several straws, because apparently plastic pollution isn’t an issue on the planet Jupiter. ?

2. The Matrix (1999):

Naturally, a movie about an ingenious hacker can’t miss out on some life hack-food. This version looks rather 
unappetizing though, resembling something close to, well, a bowl of snot. Simulated food in the Matrix gives humans the illusion of taste, smell, and nourishment. So you can imaginatively treat yourself to lasagna or donuts while you’re actually slurping mushy gruel.

“Everything your body needs” – A crew member of Nebuchadnezzar 

Wow, that’s a great slogan. We might steal that one.

3. Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory (1971):

Willie Wonka (also famous from the “tell me more meme”) doesn’t only…

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