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June 21, 2017

“Whole Fuel Vs Huel. Which Is The Best Meal Replacement Supplement?”

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Which one offers you the best tasting and most nutritionally sound product for the right price?

In a market that is becoming more populated does either Whole Fuel or Huel allow you to ditch solid food in favour of a nutritionally packed drink?

Huel launched first in the UK in 2015 which has given it a couple of years to refine its pioneering meal replacement offering.

Whole Fuel only launched in January of this year but it comes from fitness powerhouse, Myprotein which is known for high-quality and reasonably priced health supplements.

Here we review both Whole Fuel and Huel to find out which meal replacement brand is the best one for you. Both of which come in a variety of different flavours so to make it a fair comparison we have used the vanilla flavour for both.

For each we have looked at;

? Nutritional value
? Taste
? Variety of flavours
? Cost
? Ease of getting hold of
? Company brand values

But first a little history of meal replacements.

As early as the 1920s film and TV has been interested in how humans might one day ditch solid foods entirely and move onto a more easily consumed type of nutrition.

In those early days future gazers thought meal replacement pill would make up the bulk of your diet. You would simply pop a pill and it would provide you with all the nutrition your body needed for the day.

Indeed, watch Back to the Future Part II where a small dehydrated pizza has to be rehydrated to make it edible. While not exactly ditching solid foods it shows our obsession with how we can minimise food intake.

Since the 1990s there have been a wave of nutritional drinks come on the market. High protein and high carb or high protein and low carb or high protein and zero carb. In today’s market carbohydrates are optional but protein is a must.

Some of the mass gainer? variety have enough calories in one serving that will put you over the recommended daily amount.

Then Soylent came along which made people look at meal replacements in a different way. Launched in 2014 from a crowdfunding campaign the previous year, Soylent posed the question, what if you never have to eat again

It opened people up to the possibility that perhaps they don’t need to eat solid food provided their bodies could receive all the required vitamins, minerals and other nutrients it needs from a drink.

The story of Huel

Huel launched in the UK in 2015 following the success of the Soylent in the US the previous year. Co-founder, Julian Hearn, says the concept of Huel had been in development as early as 2012.

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