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The level of vitamin B12 in Plenny is high because vegan forms of B12 are less bioavailable. The vegan form of vitamin B12 cannot be utilized by the body directly, as it must first be broken down into – bear with us – the two bioactive coenzymes. There are – bear with us – four metabolic steps necessary for this process. The necessary conversion constitutes a metabolic disadvantage, and – bear with us – on top of that, a part is excreted before it is converted. An uptake of 140 mcg cyanocobalamin provides the body with – bear with us – 2,76 mcg of cyanocobalamin [10][11][12][13][14].

Why do we need vitamin B12?

As you may remember from biology classes, DNA encodes all information to build and maintain your body. Vitamin b12 enables the synthesis of DNA building blocks, specifically Thymidine(T) [3]. Insufficient B12 can result in less available oxygen in your body causing tiredness.

How is vitamin b12 absorbed?

Naturally we only find b12 in animal food such as dairy or meat [4] [2] [3]. This is because animals can synthesize vitamin B12 in the gut. Humans however lack specific bacteria needed for that. But we can produce B12 synthetically without animal products…

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