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Whether you’re looking to get lean, live sustainably, eat less meat, or if you’re here because you saw a documentary that made you rethink everything you’ve ever eaten, a plant-based diet can do your body some good.

Switching your diet can do more than just help you fit into a pair of jeans. It can create a real impact on your health and the health of the planet. Just like any diet, there are complexities in creating the best fuel for your body. And, in today’s ever-increasing food world, there are endless plant-based options that fall further into junk food than some of your favorite fast-food chains.

Why You Should Switch to a Plant-Based Diet

While a plant-based diet sounds pretty simple, nothing is ever really that easy.

That’s why we’re crafting this guide on all things plant-based, so you know exactly what you need. Plus, we’re some of the biggest supporters of using plants as fuel, and we think you should be, too.

So, what exactly is a plant-based diet?

A plant-based diet is exactly what you are thinking.

A plant-based diet consists of ingredients that come from the ground—not animals. Cows, chickens, pigs—they’re not a part of this diet. But it’s not just fruits and vegetables. A…

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