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December 15, 2019

Complete Food Christmas List


Christmas is coming up and there are some great items we can add to our Christmas lists to get the most out Complete Foods and our kitchens.

Here are three recommendations that have totally changed my Complete Food experience.

Mixing on the go?

Mixing in advance is always going to give the best meal replacement shake – especially if you pop it in the fridge overnight – but if you’re like me, well, you never quite get around to that and find yourself shaking bottles like a madman hoping to break up clumps and get a smooth drinkable mix.

It’s hard to do with the usual blender-bottles though, and that’s why the PROMiXX iX is quickly becoming my go to on the go mixer.

This is a BPA free 600ml shaker with an inbuilt Vortex Mixer. Water goes in, powder goes on top, press the button and a few moments later you’ve got a properly mixed up shake – and no lumps.

The 600ml volume isn’t quite as big as I’d like but for the on the go convenience and quality mixing I’ve dropped my kcal a little for out and about lunches. It’s been worth it. So much so that I’ve also added the Promixx Performance Nutrition Blender to my kitchen.

Amazon UK | Amazon US

Mixing at home?

How many scoops have you got? If you’ve tried a few Complete Food brands you’ll probably have gained a small collection and quickly forgotten which is for which powder and end up eyeballing amounts when mixing. Even if you just use one brand of powder scoops can be pretty inaccurate – so mixing by weight is always going to be the best way to consistent meals and good nutrition.

Which scales are best? For me I have to recommend the fantastic Heston Blumenthal Dual Platform Precision Scales from Salter.

Featuring two stainless steel platforms the scales these are the Porche of kitchen scales and work flawlessly. The larger section is for heavier weights up to 10kg whilst the smaller square is for precision amounts from 0.1g to 200g. Both sides can measure liquids too in ml or fl oz.

The whole idea is very clever and whilst this is probably overkill just to use with Complete Foods it fits into my kitchen brilliantly and I find myself using it whenever I have need to weigh or measure something and, bizarrely, it’s encouraged me to cook more and experiment more with my cooking. These are UK only sadly, but I’ve found a similar version for US readers.

Amazon UK | Amazon US


Hand shaking works but leaves lumps and you’re always going to get better results from a powered blender. I’ve been using a nutri-ninja for a good while but it’s huge, super noisy and takes up a load of counter space.

After my success with the portable Promixx bottles I saw their X7 Performance Nutrition Blender.

It’s along the same lines as the nutri-ninja, with a 700 watt high torque motor – but as well as the usual blades it also has what it calls “blunt X-Blade Technology”.

Supposedly the blunt blades are designed to protect micronutrient integrity in powder blends that may be damaged by conventional sharp-bladed blenders.

Whether that’s a real thing I don’t know, but it works brilliant mixing up super smooth Complete Food shakes and it looks awesome on my countertop.

This is another UK exclusive at the moment, but I’ve linked a similar Nutri-Ninja for the US.

Amazon UK | Amazon US

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