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October 18, 2020

Complete Food Survey 2020


Friends of EatComplete, have just launched the 2020 Complete Food Survey. You should stop by, details below….


So what is the Complete Food Survey? If you are new to the field, you might be wondering what all is about. The CFS is an annual worldwide questionnaire that aims to bring Complete Food companies and consumers together to gather information about the state of the market. It aims to be a bridge of communication where Complete Food brands can gather a wider feedback and act upon worldwide trends.

Initially, it was organized by Sated (Keto and Co.), and it was later followed by Queal and Saturo. These two companies were in charge and participated in the first few surveys (2016, 2017 and 2018). In 2019, Latestfuels was given the responsibility to organize the survey.

The small history lesson aside, this is an initiative that keeps growing and I, as an organizer, want to help doing so. Therefore, I hope to count with your participation, once again to shape the future of Complete Foods.

Objectives and Changes

As stated above, the main objective of the survey in 2020 is to keep growing and get more responses than in previous years. In order to do so, we have increased the incentives for both brands and Complete Food customers to participate.

One of the main objectives is to keep growing. This graphs is taken from last year’s analysis which showed a steady increment in participants.

Furthermore, I want to increase the efficiency and practicality of the analysis of the survey. Thus, few questions have been modified with that in mind. I have taken previous year’s experience and improve upon the mistakes made in the past. There have also been other considerations made that unfortunately I wasn’t able to apply to this year’s survey.

Besides, I have also added a few questions regarding the COVID-19 to further understand how the pandemic situation has affected the Complete Food consumption.


On the topic of increasing participation, I wanted to also expand the amount of giveaways and rewards given to the participants. I felt that last year the survey got an overwhelmingly positive response that wasn’t rewarded appropriately.

2019 Prizes
Some of the Complete Food given away last year.

Consequently, this year there have been two major changes to address this:

  • All participants will now enjoy a 10% discount on all the brands participating on the survey.
  • There are more giveaways than in the previous year.

I think that both points are pretty self-explanatory. However, I hope that they incentivise participation and reward the time taken to fill out the survey appropriately.TAKE PART NOW

When and How to Take Part

So, when will you be able to take part on this year’s Complete Food Survey?

The survey will run from the 16th of October to the 1st of November (both inclusive).

You will be able to take part using the link that will be posted here or in; as well as, in social media and relevant websites (r/soylent).

Otherwise, you can Subscribe to Latest Fuels and you will get the reminder on time, as well as, some other perks:

Final Words

And that’s it folks. Not much more to mumble about for now. I just want to reiterate that I truly appreciate you all taking part in the survey. There’s a lot of effort put behind the scenes and it feels really rewarding to see the growth of the survey.

Not only that, but we are also providing incredibly useful feedback that is shaping the future of the industry.

I hope that you find the survey and the final analysis insightful.

Thank you in advance


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