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February 10, 2021

Complete Taster Pack Now Available! Entire Mark 6 Generation of Mana Hitting US Shores!


As a European company, Mana has always had a wider variety of products available in Europe than in the US. However, it’s about time we put America on the same level with Europe. Until now, you’ve only tried our classic Origin powder. But today, we are proud to announce that you can try our entire Mark 6 generation of foods thanks to our brand new Taster Pack. In addition to Origin powder, it contains Origin drink, Choco powder, and Choco drink. These are science-based foods that deliver everything your body needs, and you can now get them all for an unbeatable starter price!

Taste the future

Without question, the Taster Pack is the most economical way to try all our forward-thinking drinks and powders. What exactly is inside?

  • 1 serving ManaPowder Origin (400 calories)
  • 1 serving ManaPowder Choco (400 calories)
  • 1 bottle ManaDrink Origin (330 calories)
  • 1 bottle ManaDrink Choco (330 calories)

Origin drink and powder are slightly oaty and subtly sweet, while Choco drink and powder are undeniably rich and chocolatey. 

Each of these foods contains all the nutrients your body needs to be healthy, and their composition is based on laboratory analyses, clinical product testing, and in-depth knowledge of the human body. And in the case of Choco drink and powder, we’ve added first-class cocoa powder, which tastes great and is loaded with antioxidants!

The Taster Pack comes with free shipping and a satisfaction guarantee. If you don’t like it, get a full refund, no questions asked. There’s never been a better time to try Mana.

Availability of standard packaging

The great advantage of the Taster Pack is that it lets you try all our foods and find your favorite. But what next? 

  • Standard boxes (35 meals) and Family Packs (140 meals) of both Origin and Choco powder are readily available for purchase here. These ship within 24 hours on weekdays. 
  • Both flavors of ManaDrink, on the other hand, are currently only available for purchase as part of the Taster Pack. Standard, 12-bottle boxes of ManaDrink will go on sale sometime this spring, but we are already taking pre-orders here. So, if it’s the drink you’re after, pre-order today and be the first to get the standard boxes once they launch.

Why is ManaDrink available as part of the Taster Pack but yet not in standard boxes?

For European food producers, getting products to the US is a multi-faceted logistical challenge. To make sure that our products are as fresh as possible when they reach you, we sometimes have to ship them by plane. This is much quicker than marine transport, but space and weight are much more limited. Since our powders are our bestselling staple and already popular among US customers, we decided to ship all our powders and Family Packs by plane first, along with our Taster Packs. So, while you’re trying all our drinks and powders as part of the Taster Pack, know that we’ll be following up quickly with standard, 12-bottle boxes of drink. The wait will be worth it!

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