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In a reddit post, Genesis Foods notes that,

Europe is experiencing one of the worst heat waves since records began … a lot of this year’s oat crop has near failed and there is an oat shortage which is problematic for businesses like us that rely on oats. Thankfully for now we have secured enough oats for the short-term, however they are not our normal supply and therefore are likely to be more grainy than normal.

The main link is to an NBC News story on the drought, which confirms that the drought affects,

Cereals like wheat, barley and oats. At least 35 percent of the harvest has been lost in Sweden. … The drought has hit Denmark particularly hard, with the spring harvest of grains and vegetables down 40 to 50 percent…

No comment on this from other makers, but oats are an important component in PlennyShake, Queal, Jake and others, and they also must be scrambling for raw material.

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