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May 17, 2017

First meal replacement in a bottle in Europe

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What is Saturo?
Saturo is Europe’s first meal in a bottle offering balanced and healthy nutrition! It is available in three delicious flavours right from the beginning: original, chocolate and coffee.

Saturo offers you everything your body needs: protein, carbohydrates, lipids, fiber, vitamins and minerals.

Our mission
We offer you a convenient, healthy and delicious meal so you can stay in the flow.

We free you from everyday challenges so you can focus on your goals. Whether it is the conquest of Mars, your first marathon or the next big thing.

Why is Saturo something for you?
Saturo supports you when you only have little time.

No matter if you drink the 500 ml Saturo bottle sip by sip, or all at once, you will be satiated for more than 3 hours, we guarantee that.

Saturo is extremely convenient because you can always have it with you. A refrigerator is not necessary (only more delicious ) or extra water and a blender for mixing. Everything is prepared and ready to drink. The bottle can be placed in any pocket, backpack or on the desk. Without worries that something will leak.

You know how long it takes to prepare and buy a balanced nutritious lunch. Not to mention the necessary planning and the cost. There is a reason, we often choose fast food without really wanting to.

A bottle of Saturo contains 25% of all macro- and micronutrients that your body needs and has been developed according to the latest scientific knowledge. It is also vegan and sustainable.

Saturo gives you complete control over your diet! How many calories have I just consumed? We can tell you exactly. One bottle contains exactly 500 kcal. So you know exactly how many more calories you can eat and still meet your nutritional plan.

Saturo is the perfect combination of convenience food and healthy, balanced food.

How can Saturo help me?
Saturo is suitable for any time of the day, whether it is breakfast, lunch, dinner, or simply between meals. Every one of our customers uses it differently.

Saturo for breakfast
Pressed the snooze buttons once too often or just got up late: You can enjoy Saturo not only on your way to work but also during the morning. Just grab a bottle from the refrigerator and enjoy. Your breakfast is ready instantly and you can have a great start into your day. And for all the morning grouches among us, Saturo coffee provides you with the extra boost of caffeine.

Saturo is the perfect drink for all the athletes among us. Even while lacing your running shoes you can drink the last sip of Saturo and are ready to go. Your probably know the feeling: You just had your healthy cereal breakfast and your next thoughts are not directed towards sports. The body takes some time to convert the grain into energy. Saturo is quite different here: It is like a light meal and does not strain the body and thus provides immediate energy for a successful workout in the morning.

Saturo for lunch
The next deadline at 2 pm is rapidly approaching, but you are getting really hungry. Unfortunately, there is no time to eat, since there is still a lot to do. What alternatives do you have? Quickly eating a chocolate bar, getting fast food, or simply eat nothing at all. All options are either not healthy, or the performance suffers, or actually both. Saturo is your fast and healthy alternative. It can be drunk while working or driving and does not strain your body, so you can perform continuously.

Saturo in between meals
When the little hunger? returns, just get a bottle of Saturo and the hunger is already gone. With the Saturo coffee and the extra boost of natural caffeine, nothing stops you from having a successful afternoon.

Saturo for dinner
Anyone who goes to the gym after work knows this: Either one does not work out at full performance, since the last meal has been too long ago, or the snack before the workout drains your energy. Saturo is different. It provides continuous energy and does not strain your body. During training you can give all you got!

Saturo is also perfect for those who have plans for the evening. A Saturo grabbed on your desk and drunk while working and the tasks are done in no time and the well-deserved party can come.

You are probably wondering: Is Saturo the right drink for me? When you participate in our prelaunch campaign you can test Saturo exclusively.

What are the ingredients of Saturo?
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