I’ve just been reading through the AMA with the Soylent Development Team on reddit and spotted what looks to be the first official confirmation that flavours are finally coming to… Soylent powder.

See the exchange below, question 1 is where you should focus your attention.

That’s pretty big news. Flavours offer a dynamic eating experience that can be sorely missed when nutrition is all about the same taste and texture every day, and whilst a lot of focus has been on the RTD’s; customers eating Soylent Powder have felt a little left out. Yes, there’s the various powdered flavorings out there and food flavouring of course, but they’re no good if you want the ‘official’ Soylent flavours without switching to their ready to drink line.

It certainly sounds like the flavours are actively being tested and hopefully that means coming soon, but will they take the flavour pouch format pioneered by Huel (still UK only) or go for the more common choice of fully flavoured bags of powder? We’ll have to wait and see.


I should have read the full AMA. It looks like additional flavour packs aren’t being looked at, rather it’s full flavoured Soylent powder that we’re likely to see. I know it’s how everyone else does it but I really like Huel’s way of doing things.

After all, it’s much easier to swap between flavours by having a number of smaller pouches of flavouring open along with a sack of the main powder; rather than having multiple full sacks of flavoured powder on the go at once.

Still exciting of course.