? Vitamin Food is the first sugar-free complete food brand. A big claim. I’m trying to figure out whether the maltodextrin in Vitamin Food creates a similar effect as sugar. It turns out it is not that simple.

The sugar-free claim from Vitamin Food has put me onto a different path in regards to sugar consumption. I’m currently looking at tools that diabetic people use to measure their blood glucose levels.

I notice the effect of carb dense or sugary meals instantly, and I would like to get some more numbers and facts involved to come to a conclusion about the sugar/maltodextrin issue.

That’s the great thing about biohacking; researching, trying new things and not take any claims for granted. I’d like to point out again that I’m not saying the people from Vitamin Food are lying about their product. It’s more that I’d like to figure out what sugar and maltodextrin can do to my body.

Expect an update soon!

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