This is great, and something I hope other brands follow; Lently (who’s usual day sized bags are the perfect size for, well, a day sized day) are making bulk purchases easier with an all new 2kg mini drum of their most popular flavour: Coco Choco. Check it out…

16 servings comes in at a decent 2.65 per meal but if you stock up that comes right down to 1.87 per meal. Admittedly you’ll have to get 8Kilos of it to get the lowest pricing, but damn, that chocolate flavours is one of the finest out there.

Sure, there are other brands with big bags, but I really like the mini drum that Lently are coming out with. Easier to store, safer in transit – and not going to go poof in your face if you open it wrong.

Check out Lently’s reviews over here or straight to their website here.

Link above contains a 10% discount code off your purchase.