Well this is interesting. In a somewhat unexpected move Huel, the UK’s most successful food replacement brand, has just released their first… breakfast cereal.

It’s new Granola is available in plain(ish) ‘Vanilla’ and potentially flavoursome ‘Berry’ with a recommended serving of 60g coming in at 214Kcal for both. That calorific value is going to change somewhat depending on your choice of milk but not greatly; and of course; this being a Huel product it’s nutritionally complete so you could, potentially, live of it if you wanted to eat eight or nine bowls per day.

It’s an interesting choice, not least because a lot of Complete Food denizens specifically use CF products in place of breakfast to speed up their morning routines – I know I do, and whilst breakfast isn’t the most?complex of meals to prepare; I have found myself preferring a Huel shake (with added cold brew coffee) at the start of my day than anything else I’ve tried.

More than that, as Dave points out on the FutureFoods blog, breakfast cereal is an insanely competitive market. I wonder if this is something designed to pull in new Huel customers by giving them a less niche product to engage with, or something more along the lines of giving extra choices existing Huel customers.

Pricing is comparable to other vegan granola’s, and I’m game – with a box of each flavour on order I’ll report back once it’s in hand, or rather, in bowl.