Perhaps more than any other Complete Food brand; Huel are vocal about nutrition. Whether it’s the theories behind their ingredients or wider nutritional ideas, they regularly put out fantastic articles and videos addressing questions and keeping customers informed.

In this video, James Collier (Huel’s resident Nutritionist) waxes lyrical about some common nutrition myths.

Well worth a watch.

Get Huel here, and read a little more about James below.

James Collier has over 25 years of experience working in nutrition and dietetics, including seven years as a Registered Dietitian in the NHS. Covering an array of clinical areas, he worked with people with a wide range of ailments and food intolerances.

James graduated with an Honours Degree in Nutrition with Dietetics from the University of Surrey, England. He is a Registered Nutritionist and a member of The Nutrition Society and the Association for Nutrition in the UK. In 2003, he was nominated for the Re-Energise award of Nutrition Professional in recognition of the work he has done for nutrition on the Internet. He has lectured at universities and presents seminars across the world.