I absolutely love this.

A couple of weeks ago someone (lol) posted a friendly challenge to Julian and Team over at Huel HQ on the brands UK forum…

There was some discussion, apparently they’d tried and been knocked back, decided to offer a new NHS discount and then heard again from their local hospital, with this appearing on the Huel LinkedIN page.

What you’re looking at in the photo is about 2,400 RTD along with 6,000 Bars and 2,500 Powdered meals that are headed to not one of Huel’s local hospitals, but three – Stoke Mandeville, Amersham and High Wycombe.

I think that’s incredible.

The more I see the way different brands are handling the Covid-19 pandemic – from how they’re protecting staff, continuing to serve customers or reaching out to do something brilliant – the more I realise which brands I want to spend my money with in future.

This is how it’s done. Huel – congratulations on being awesome!