Huel’s American website has been active for a little while now and I’ve heard of a couple of people already receiving orders – but the official announcement has only just been sent.

True to Huel’s ways, it seems they wanted to make sure everything was properly nailed down and just right before going public.

Huel is one of the outliers in the future foods scene. Nutritional content is one thing, but quality of ingredient is something else all together and Huel puts a lot of focus in this area and is one of a small number of producers that echews maltodextrin in favour of higher quality ingredients (in Huel’s case; Oat Flour).

It’ll be interesting to see how it goes down in the US market. Huel has long been my most used ‘lent and I know a lot of US customers have been very eager to get their first orders in.

Announcement below, or click here to head straight to

Welcome to Huel

Huel is now available in the …

Huel is now available in the USA

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Thank you for your interest in Huel we are very excited to have you on board. Have a chat with us on the forum or follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for all our latest updates & Huel news. If you need any help with your order or have a question please get in touch by emailing [email protected]?