One of Huel’s problems in my eyes is a refusal to move away from bulk ordering and with so many great products on sale it seems bonkers to me that you can only buy them in big packs rather than mix and match selections. Take bars as an example, which only come in packs of 16, if you want to try all three flavours you have to get 48 bars.

Yes; I know I probably complain about that too much. First world problems eh?

It seems like someone in Sweden though has seen the light and it’s now possible to buy an RTD taster box with two bottles of Vanilla and two bottles of Berry for 265 kr.

The price is a little steep (around £5 at today’s exchange rate) but being able to taste test from four bottles is a great way to avoid getting stuck with lots of bottles should you not like one or the other flavour and I really hope they bring the pack over to the UK as well – though we do have the new chocolate RTD, so I guess we need to wait for a fourth flavour for it to really make sense in packs of four.

You know I’ve got my fingers crossed for mixed packs of bars though, that’d be awesome.

It’s limited edition, but if you’re in In Sweden and want to pick up a pack head over here.