It’s no secret that Huel have been suffering with poor customer service reports for a while. A cursory search search on the Huel forum brings up a fair number of threads with a wide range of problems and experiences – but these woes are set to improve with TimOfficialHuel offering a small peak behind the curtain and revealing that four new starters will join the UK team in the next 6 weeks.

That might not sound like lots, but it represents a 50% increase in the UK Customer Service team and sees the head count increase from 8 to 12.

In the same post Tim also reveals that the team get around 1000 emails a day, so they’ve a lot to deal with. Most of those are likely general enquiries rather than real problems, but the current team would need to field 125 emails each every day just to keep on top of things, so it’s easy to see how a few complaints end up bleeding over to the forums.

No word on the size of the EU or US teams, but since the UK is Huel’s primary market you’d imagine they’re both smaller.

With 40,000,000 meals sold, it’s a good time for Huel to double down on customer service and and focus on customer happiness as much as their expansion.