Word just broke on reddit that Jimmy Joy have a ‘Ready to Drink’ product going out to select customers for taste testing.

The Test Club is usually sworn to secrecy about the products they’re trying but not so with the new RTD; suggesting there’s a lot of excitement at the Plenny Shake HQ about the upcoming release.

Slated to go on sale in April?the product is made out of water, oats, soy protein, rapeseed oil, sunflower oil, a vitamin and mineral blend, ground vanilla seeds, thickener and aroma (vanilla). Containing?20% of?your daily nutritional needs you’ll need five 330ml bottles a day to net you the required nutrition for a 2000kcal diet.

The cost? Jimmy Joy are aiming about the same as a TwennyBar so that could be as low as 1.90 a bottle.

Obviously Mana have long since had their RTD on the market and recent upstarts like Saturo and Yfood have shown that there’s a a desire for easier to use Complete Food products, but Jimmy Joy are the only brand with both an RTD and an American warehouse, as 440_htz says on reddit…