Discovering Complete Foods started me along a path that led to looking into the lesser nootropics and other bio-hacking techniques. HVMN are one of the fancier brands growing in that space, with a line of products?and series of guides to help us tweak ourselves or optimise our lives (they’re a natural fit with Complete Foods). Their ‘HVMN Enhancement’ podcast usually makes for a great listen, with information about the present and future of human enhancement, health, entrepreneurship & tech in the bio-hacking space. It features industry thought-leaders, world-famous scientists, researchers, and entrepreneurs.

And the March 5th episode has Chris Bair of Ketochow and documents his recent month long experiment in which he only ate the liquid food he produces and sells – but every week he switched the source of fat; trying coconut oil, macadamia nut oil and double cream to see how the different fats affected biomarkers such as LDL and HDL cholesterol,?triglycerides, and ketone levels.

In a moment of pure madness genius he swapped in copious amounts of sugar during his last week. The results were, well, as expected, and it’s really interesting to hear him talk through the results of an interesdting N=1 experiment.

You can listen to the podcast and interview using the player or links below, or scroll down a little more for a video of Chris talking through the results.

Ketochow reviews and nutritional info over here?or click here?to visit the Ketochow website. The code “hvmn10” from the podcast will get you 10% off.