If you’re in San Francisco and at a lose end this weekend you could do far worse than attend the Worlds Fair Nano.

A whirlwind two-day festival filled with mind-blowing technology, futurist talks, interactive art, future food, and more. At Worlds Fair Nano, we believe the future should be fun.

A missive to the worlds fair of yesterday, World’s Fair Nano appears first in San Francisco and then New York in Autumn, with attendees being treated to a whole host of near-future technology, talks and experiences.

With a vast array of topics there’s loads to get stuck into across VR / AR / Space Travel / Smart Cities / Fashion / Farming / Renewable Energy / Gaming / 3d Printing / Pets / Consumer Tech / ‘Adult’ / Smart Homes / Drones / Mobility / Robotics / Wearable Tech / Biotech / And more.

And to eat on the day? Some of SF’s finest will be in attendance, but there’s also algae bars, chewable coffee, drinkable meals, and other delectable bites from the future – with KetoOne, Soylent and Jimmy Joy all attending.

Futurism made a great video of the last Nano held in Brooklyn, and it looks amazing. Colour me extremely jealous of being a continent away from this.