Hot Ones is a‘show with hot questions and even hotter wings. Host Sean interviews celebrities as they challenge their tastebuds on chicken wings covered in increasingly hot sauces.

It’s a really good format that you should definitely check it out, but in tonights release Sean has Marques Brownlee in the studio. Known as MKBHD he’s just about the hottest tech reviewer on youtube right now. You think he’d be all over Complete Foods, right?

Asked “As a tech dude have you ever thought about drinking Soylent, for efficiency?” he quickly retorts, “I tried it… it was trash… it tastes so bad.. like it sounds”.

Ouch. That’s sound serious fire he’s throwing. Though he did just rank his favourite cereals. Maybe he just prefers a bit more variety in flavour and texture, or tried the original powder 1.0?

Either way, let’s file this under people being allowed to have different opinions (even if they’re wrong ha).