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April 2, 2018

Say what? Instant Ramen that’s… Healthy


I must have spent half my student life eating surviving on instant noodles of one kind or another; due equal parts to laziness, lack of time, and perhaps just a slight issue with skill in the kitchen. Compared to reading recipes, shopping, or you know, managing my food budget; instant noodles were a quick and easy option that’d taste pretty nice once whatever was lying about in the fridge was added in.

Not particularly healthy though since a single packet often contains up to 80% of an adults RDA of salt and not something that should form the bulk of anyone’s diet long term.

Things are easier now of course; with the introduction of Complete Foods and Soylent 2.0 in particular helping students keep their laze on but also hit nutritional targets, which makes for healthier living and better thinking. If only there was some kind of Marvel team up that could happen to make Complete Noodle-trition a reality.

Enter Tim and Tom; two brothers with a hankering for noodles but a desire for healthy living and a new product in development…. Vite Ramen. Nutritious ramen… could it be true? Tom explains how the idea started to come together.

I’ve always had a hard time with savory food cravings when eating majority Soylent, and my brother was always having trouble hitting his nutrition goals eating instant noodles.

So we decided to spend the past 2 years creating an instant noodle that mimicked a ‘lent in nutrition, but gave us the warm fuzzies that only an instant ramen could provide.

The noodles come in three flavours (Garlic Pork, Vegan Mushroom Shio, and Soy Sauce Chicken) and are primarily made from wheat flour, vital wheat gluten, and quinoa. With additional L-lysine to combat heat degradation and guar gum for better rehydration.

A 500kcal packet contains 25g protein, 5g fibre and meets 25% DV of every essential vitamin and mineral an adult needs – so it’s complete nutrition like Soylent et al are, even before you add any additional ingredients if you want to dine on something a little more fancy like in the promo shots.

There’s a really nice breakdown of the thinking behind their formula over here but I’ll close by mentioning salt, aka sodium, since that’s one of the main health issues with the instant ramen on the market right now. Vite Ramen contains 25% DV sodium per packet; so no there’s no obfuscating nutrition levels under the guise of weird serving sizes and suchlike.

Price at launch should be right around $3, with a Kickstarter expected from mid April. If you’re in the states then they’ll have you covered, but there’s no word on ordering internationally order just yet.

For more information visit or keep up to date with progress on their facebook page.

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