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June 18, 2018

Think you know better? Get Plenny Shake “You”


Presumeably sick of being asked why they don’t do a keto version, or a blend with more carbs, less carbs, more protein, less fat, with one thing changed or another, this ingredient instead of that…. JimmyJoy has come out with something new and, well, kind of unexpected.

It’s called ‘Plenny Shake Personalized’ and, like your reflection, it’s completely unique to you. It all starts with a consultation with their food technologist and a dietitian, during which you’ll thoroughly discuss what you and your body want from your Plenny Shake: Vitamin levels, macro balance, flavour, nothing is off the table and together you’ll create your own personal shake, using the ingredients you prefer.

It sounds awesome, and it’s interesting because, well, who wouldn’t want to tailor a complete foods to their exact personal needs? This isn’t new. Feasy tried something similar last year but sadly didn’t seem to be able to make it work. Even with their own factory and the ability to mix recipes at will, getting things right is going to be a difficult process. And the gotcha? You’ve got to want a lot of your chosen recipe. Quite a lot in fact: 1,000 meals.

At €3 a meal it’s still competitive on a day to day basis but that €3,000 upfront cost is going to keep this to groups of friends or extremely dedicated Complete Food fans. I’ve gotta say though – it’s tempting – if I had three grand sat around I’d be all over this.

There is of course someone else that this will appeal to: those that want to get into selling their own Complete Food and don’t have the facilities, abilities or knowledge to make it happen. Will this turn into an incubator of sorts I wonder? We’ll have to wait and see.

In the meantime read on to get the full skinny, or click here to visit the relevant page on the Jimmy Joy website.

What is Plenny Shake Personalized?

Plenny Shake Personalized is Plenny Shake, but? how shall we put this? personalized. It’s your own exclusive shake, completely unique, like a snowflake, or that weird mole on your back. Together with our food professionals you’ll get to create your own personal shake, based on the ingredients you prefer.

Personalized how? Like, completely?

Yes! You determine what you do and don’t want to have floating around in’that shaker bottle. Want more vitamins in there? Yeah man, who needs fruit anyway, that stuff is for zoo animals. Want more protein? Nice to have you among our customers, The Rock. Want less carbs in there? We get it, that word looks way too much like crabs, let’s get rid of it. You decide what ends up in your shake, so yeah: it’s a completely personalized product.

So… how does it work?

First, we will get up close and personal with you and define all your needs. This may sound like the slogan of a brothel, but what we mean is that we will take our time to make sure all of your body’s desires are met. Wait, that doesn’t make it sound any less brothely… Listen, it’s all done via email. Together with our food technologist and a dietitian, you will thoroughly discuss what you and your body want from your Plenny Shake. We will make sure you will like the product by sending you a sample, and once you’re satisfied, we will start producing.

Can I do this?with my BFFs

What a great idea! Gather ’round some friends and see what?your perfect Plenny Shake would look like! Nothing like a bit of old-fashioned peer pressure to get things cooking.

What do I get?

You will get 100 kilograms of your very own Plenny Shake. That’s a 1000 meals, for just 3 a meal, which comes down to 3000,- in total. How much of it you’re going to consume daily is totally up to you. You could spread it out over a whole year, or you could save it all up for Christmas and host a huge Plenny Shake family dinner for your in-laws. Just keep in mind that Plenny Shake?has a shelf life of 12 months?post production.

Sounds great! How do we start this process?

There will be limited spots available, start here.

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