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September 3, 2018

Plenny Shake gets an all Vegan makeover

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  • Plenny Shake became silky smooth
  • We improved the balance of the macronutrients
  • We leveled up the taste: a better and more distinct flavoring
  • We added a new ingredient: sunflower oil
  • And: we dressed it all up in a lovely new wider packaging with new designs

We made some exciting updates to the Plenny Shake formula. We tested a lot of different formulas throughout the years, looking all professional in our lab coats and safety goggles, and ended up with some great progress. Our main goal was to improve the texture, flavoring and macronutrient composition of Plenny Shake. And we did it!

So what did we do exactly?
First of all, we wanted a nice, silky smooth shake, so we changed the fineness of the oats. The oats are now so finely ground that it won’t cause a gritty feel in your mouth anymore. If you do still want a gritty feel in your mouth, we’re afraid you’ll have to make out with your cat.

To improve the silkiness of the powder, we took out all the gritty proteins. That means no more extra whey, soy, hemp or rice proteins. What?! Will I still get enough proteins?!, you may scream from your window right now. Well, actually, the protein level is even better now. So apologize to your neighbors, close the window and let us explain.

In the past we added extra proteins, so you would get around 125 grams of protein every day. With the new formula, you’ll get 75 grams of protein a day. But is this still enough?!? Hey, get off your roof and calm down. Yes. Actually, it’s the perfect amount. The World Health Organization (our eternal muse and inspiration) has advised an intake of 0.66 grams of protein per kg of body weight. If you would consume five Plenny Shakes a day, you would get 75 grams of protein, more than enough to provide an average weighing person (80 kg) with their daily need of proteins. [1] We adjusted the amount to provide a more balanced meal, perfect for everyday consumption.

What’s the amino acid profile?

The amino acid in milligram per Plenny Shake

Amino Acidmg per Plenny Shake
Histidine0307 mg
Isoleucine0531 mg
Leucine0936 mg
Lysine0772 mg
Methionine and cysteine0346 mg
Phenylalanine and Tyrosine1009 mg
Threonine0498 mg
Tryptophan0163 mg
Valine0563 mg

plenny shake sunflower oil

So how did we improve the fatty acid profile? We added sunflower oil to the formula. Why sunflower oil? Because it reminds us of a beautiful field of wildflowers, bathing in the autumn sun while a flock of birds sings a poetic song of freedom (we haven’t been on vacation in a while). But also because sunflower oil contains a lot of nice polyunsaturated fats, just a little bit of saturated fats and a great amount of omega 3 and 6. These are ingredients that your body refers to as ‘the good stuff. The World Health Organization (our secret crush) has advised getting around 20% to 35% of your energy from fats. In our new Plenny Shake, 30% of the energy comes from fats. [2]

So how much omegas will you get from a Plenny Shake meal..

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