In sad news for choices in the States, Queal has announced it’s pulling its stateside operations. Explaining in a forum post…

Dear US Quealers,

Last January, after more than a year of paperwork, the first batch of Queal Steady finally arrived at our warehouse in Idaho. Sending out from within the US meant an easier way to introduce you guys to our product and help grow our international customers base. While you got the change to try out our 4.0 recipe, we’ve kept on researching and developing new iterations and even introduced some completely new products in Europe.

We’ve held a flash-sale in the last few weeks and we’ve welcomed a lot of new Quealers. Alas, it won’t provide us with enough certainty to start sending another (and even a bigger) batch to the US. So, we’ve started to look into alternatives and wrecked our brains over finding a way that would mean you could order the latest and greatest Queal products while also, keeping things manageable for us.

The conclusion – at least for now – is that we will use our EU warehouse for US orders. Meaning both good and bad news for our US customers: you can now order every Queal product, but we can’t keep on offering free shipping.

We’re really sorry about this, but hope you will understand our side of the story and promise we will keep on aiming to re-open a warehouse in the US.

Facts about ordering from Europe to America:

  • Shipping costs will be $25 (?20) for orders above $57 (?49).
  • Our warehouse works fast, which means you’ll most likely receive your tracking information the same day, and your package in approximately 5 to 10 working days.
  • We’ll use Maxipack (for the Europe part) & USPS (for the American part) as shipping companies.
  • There will be no import taxes. At least, if you stay under 800 dollars :wink:

Please let us know if you have any question.

It appears that sales volumes weren’t what Queal had hoped for, perhaps surprising, perhaps not. America didn’t truly embrace Soylent until the Ready To Drink varieties went on sale after all.

Queal will still be available to US customers through the European store, but as one reply on their forum points out, that means prices effectively go up by around a third, from $1.55 per 400kcal meal to $2.13.

Original forum post over here…