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November 27, 2017

Queal Appeal? What did we think of Quick Meals


In my quest to optimise my life; food has been a sensitive subject. Skipped breakfasts and crap lunches were the mainstay of my 20s. In my 30s I decided to do things differently and after reading about Soylent, and then discovering just how many Complete Foods we have in Europe, my life changed.

Since launching EatComplete I’ve been sampling as many brands as I can and I’ve decided to experiment with longer format reviews. Below you’ll find the first of these after spending a week with….Queal Powder.

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At 1.78 per meal; Queal is definitely on the lower end of the spectrum but its cheap pricing belies a really well thought out product. The bulk of the shake is made up from?oat flour (39%) maltodextrin (23%) and soy flour (21%). That’s a nice balance and results in a shake that’s smooth to drink and has a glycemic index of about 65-70.Ingredients are entirely EU sourced, GMO Free (if that’s important to you) and whilst it’s not vegan it is vegetarian.

The GI isn’t low, but it isn’t particularly high either and in my experience has led to sustained energy with no signs of the sudden energy boosts that I’ve experienced with other products. Macros are a fairly typical split for Complete Foods at 48% carbohydrate, 28% protein and 24% Fat and whilst I’d like to see less sugar I have to admit that at 8.3g per serving isn’t that high and of course the 14.4g of fibre in each meal is going to temper how quickly our bodies absorb it and help prevent sugar spikes.

Flavours are great too. There’s a distinct oatyness in the background and where some brands have extremely artificial qualities to them; Queal has convincingly real flavours. I’ve read elsewhere that they use only natural flavourings and it definitely leads to genuine tastes. The flavours aren’t subtle either; strawberry really tastes of strawberry and the chocolate hazelnut is an absolute delight. For them to have gotten such accurate and pleasant tastes from purely natural sources is impressive.

The bags have the usual rip seal along the top but opening a them didn’t result in the usual poof of powder lightly covering my kitchen top, which made for a nice change. I didn’t have a scoop unfortunately but at 178g of powder per meal using my scales felt like the quickest way to prep anyway.

Add 350ml of water, give it a few quick shakes and you’re ready to drink. Texture is ever so slightly gritty immediately after shaking and a little bit of patience really pays off; because ten minutes later it takes on a silky smooth mouth feel and is very pleasant to drink.

My only real complaint with prep’ is the bottle.Powder and water was a bit of a squeeze in the supplied bottle and though I really liked the spout, I wonder how long it’ll take me to lose the screw top lid. I do tend to use a Chilly Bottle for carrying my drinks when I’m out and about; so it’s probably a none issue for me – I have lost several similar lids in the past though.

Drinking on the go was as easy as you’d expect it to be and Queal really satiated my hunger. Hardly surprisingly of course at 700Kcal per meal but with a lot of Complete Foods trending towards lower Kcal servings I’m happy that Queal’s quick meals are closer to the level of a ‘normal’ meal for me. It gave a pleasantly full feeling and kept me satisfied and away from snacks until my next meal time a few hours later.

One last thing to mention was delivery speed. Queal is made in The Netherlands but arrived with me in the UK two and a half days after I ordered it, via a decent courier too. That’s impressive.

All things considered, Queal is definitely going to enter my regular rotation of meals. It’s quick to mix and tastes lovely, but more importantly hits the nutrition values I look for without me having to consume lots of shakes.

Queal Powder is available from here and comes in the following flavours

  • Awesome apple pie
  • Cool Chocolate
  • Funky Forest Fruits
  • Morning Macchiato
  • Super Strawberry
  • Smooth Vanilla
  • Banana Mania
  • Chocolate Hazelnut happiness
  • Magic maple latte standard (limited edition)

PS: Yes, the only image is from Queal’s instagram feed. Next time we’ll remember to take some photos before going crazy enjoying the meals.

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