In this complete food product review, I’ll discuss Bertrand. A bio organic brand from Germany. The most noticeable feature of Bertrand is its robust texture.

Most complete foods come in a fine powder form. And while Bertrand is still a powder there is a lot of difference in texture. The thing that stands out most is the fact that Bertrand uses crushed almonds in their blend. This allows for a crunchy experience of the blend is made in the shaker bottle. If you use a kitchen machine or a blender, it becomes much more smooth yet they overall robust texture remains.

I have consumed Bertrand over six weeks full time. They offer a variety of flavors as well as a neutral version. During my six weeks on Bertrand, I’ve used the Vegan version. The main reason for this was that at the beginning of the twelve-month project I noticed that versions with lactose made me quite gassy. Sort of turbulence in my stomach. With vegan version, this wholly disappeared.

As always I’d be curious to hear about your experience with Bertrand or any other complete food.

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