In this video, I’ll do a product review on South Korean complete food brand Labnosh. They are quite a different player in the field of future foods and offer a wide variety of unheard flavors.

I got in contact with Labnosh early 2017 over a couple of Instagram posts that I found while searching complete foods in Asia. I instantly noticed the difference in product design and their selection of flavors. Green cereal and Sweet potato are uncommon names in the complete foods world of today.

Labnosh is more like a beverage than an actual meal. It’s pretty small and only packs up to 350 kcal max per bottle. While I was on my twelve months 100% complete foods diet, I found that these were a nice addition to the more substantial and bigger meals I had.

Product design I’d like to see other brands go into this direction. It feels very clean, fresh and contemporary. It might not be a point of interest to everybody, but I’m a bit of a design geek I guess.

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