In this product review, I’ll dive into Pulve. This Amsterdam based complete food comes in a powdered version. Currently, they’ve got vanilla only but that should not stop the complete food experience!

What I like about Pulve is the fact that the basic preparation with water can be done in 2 ways; in the shaker or with a blender. Both options result in a very different viscosity experience. Another thing that I’ve forgotten to mention in this product review is once you’ve used a blender and let it sit for about 20 min and blend again a 3rd viscosity option arises. This time the 2nd blend will create a somewhat foamy texture. Lots of air in the shake and a very thick yet light mouthfeel.

Oh, and Pulve complete food powder is a great substitute for pancake recipes! I’ve only experimented with adding water but perhaps that should be seen as the mere basics. Give it a go and tell me what you’ve come up with!

Thanks a lot for watching and if you’ve made it till here also for reading!

I’d be very curious about your feedback and perhaps suggestions of what it is I should cover in the coming product reviews.


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