I like this, all new flavours and all new packaging. The only downside? The flavours are limited editions.

Saturo Vanilla is described as subtle and natural as our Original, but with a nice rounding taste of vanilla whilst Saturo Strawberry is promises springtime and a fruity change.

Saturo is a relatively new addition to the Complete Foods market having launched in 2017, but they’ve quickly picked up a loyal following and really deliver on quality with the current Saturo flavours all being absolutely superb. Coffee is the real standout for me but I could drink their neutral flavour all day every day.

Bigger news, perhaps, is the switch to Tetra Paks. Easier to store, safer during transport and more importantly; easier to recycle. This is a great change, I’m a little sad that volume is dropping from 500ml to 330ml just because I enjoy a larger volume drink, but it’s in line with what we see elsewhere in the Ready to Drink space an so long as the flavours stay the same, I’m happy.

* Quick correction here: I heard from Saturo’s own?Joerg: They’re adding 330ml Tetra Paks to their product line, and the two new flavours – but it’s as part of their new snack sized Saturo rather than replacing the 500ml servings. Nice to have options in RTD, and great that they’re?reacting to our customer requests.

You can read more reviews of Saturo here, or head over to their website here. You’ll want to be quick; Strawberry and Vanilla are up for pre-order with a tasty discount, making them??39.99 for 16 meals, or??2.50 each.