Since launching this website I’ve been aiming to try as many Complete Foods as I can. I began with Joylent (now Jimmy Joy), tried Huel and then started branching out looking to taste everything else. It’s taking a while; and that’s not least because almost every brand requires you to buy a fair amount of their product if you want to give it a go.

My go to powder, Huel, has a minimum purchase of two bags (or rather; 28 meals). The rationale behind making you get so much is that not everyone likes their first sip and it takes time to get to know the flavour. That’s fair to a point and it’s something we see most of the other brands say as well (don’t get me started on the lunacy of it costing more than??100 to try the?three Soylent flavours), but it makes trying lots of brands fairly difficult.

But not everyone agrees and Saturo is stepping up their game with an all new taster package that’s damn good value – and a much better prospect when you’re considering them as a brand.

Saturo Small Taster Pack

Where their standard?taster pack contains 32 bottles (?72 / 79), the new ‘small’ taster comes in at a 14 items – which is at least one of each of their products and nets you 4 x 500ml bottles, 8 x 330ml bottles and 2 bars:

500 ml:
2 x Chocolate
1 x Original
1 x CoffeeBars:
2 x Cocoa Bar
330 ml:
1 x Chocolate
1 x Original
1 x Vanilla
1 x Strawberry
1 x Hazelnut
1 x Chai
1 x Coconut
1 x Surprise

Not bad. The 40 / 45 cost isn’t tiny, sure, but I feel a lot better paying that and trying 14 things than I do paying the same amount and trying one thing. Head on over here if you’d like to take a look.

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