Every time I visit Facebook I see Huel ads, it’s been like that for what feels like years and a new article from Campaign Live shows why that’s not all that surprising.

It seems that whilst companies like EE, vodafone, P&G and Tesco all spend a ‘fair’ amount money on Facebook ads – and Microsoft not unsurprisingly spends a good deal more – Huel is outspending all of them with £17.9 ($22m) on Facebook ads in 2019… so far!

In the first six months of 2019, Huel spent $22m (£17.9m) on more than 400 unique creative executions on the social platform. These ads generated 2.5 billion impressions and were targeted at men, users of phones with Google’s Android operating system and people from London.CampaignLive.co.uk

One user on Huel’s forum took issue with the apparently sexist customer targeting, but knowing a little about digital advertising and how Facebook manages audiences; I suspect the impressions were ‘viewed’ by men rather than specifically targeted at them, which is an important difference, and as Huel staff were quick to point out; targeting 2.5 billion impressions at just men would be ludicrous.

The full article is over here and makes for interesting reading as the strategy is clearly working out well for Huel as a brand.