Nutritional research is continually advancing and changing, a great piece has just been published in the New York Times summarising the most recent research on saturated fats.

Is butter, along with other sources of saturated fats, back on the table, as many have recently claimed?

It is. Just not in the quantities the meat, dairy and fast-food industries might have you ingest.

Unless you have a medical condition that dictates otherwise, there’s no reason to cut anything – not butter, ice cream or Porterhouse steak — completely from your diet as long as you mainly eat plant-based foods (vegetables, fruits and whole grains), lean animal protein and fish and don’t go overboard on foods rich in saturated fats that can cause harm in excess.

That’s the conclusion of the best available evidence I’ve reviewed for maximizing the health of body and brain and enjoying a long life.New York Times

As ever, it’s the types of fats and carbohydrates that we consume that are far more important than the quantity.

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